We wanted to give you an update on the choir trips that had to be canceled because of the coronavirus. We are working on getting refunds from each of these trips. Unfortunately, we cannot give you definitive amounts for any of the trips at this point. We do know that there will be at least a partial refund for the Chamber Choir tour and for the Women’s Ensemble trip to Carnegie. The timing of the refunds is not known and it may occur in stages. As we have more information we will provide it to you. Our objective is to provide refunds as soon as we receive them. We are reviewing the option of providing refunds electronically as opposed to checks as that would speed up the time to get them to you. 


As for the Les Mis trip to Philadelphia, we do not have any information on a refund for this trip. The Kimmel Center has postponed all their shows and are not currently providing any refunds for tickets. They have stated that they will honor tickets for a future date.  When we have more information, we will let you know.

Steve Tirendi, president PCPA